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    Summer is here

    It is the season to drop it like it's hot.

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    Reaching for the Sttars

    Sttarwish is an exciting venture that has leveraged the love of fashion for all fashion enthusiasts, trendsetters and people with active lifestyles. A brand born and bred on the sunny shores of Dubai inspired by the founder’s cosmopolitan upbringing traversing from multiple cultures and backgrounds. The collection is inspired by the sun rays of California the sands of Mykonos and the shores of Dubai take a second and picture the inspiration! All state of the art innovative fabrics sourced from Europe all blended together in Casablanca the heart of Africa creating a very exciting brand called Sttarwish!

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    New Collection Your Signature

    Swimwear that encompasses your identity and comfort.

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    This Seasons Inspiration In Stores Soon

    Sttarwish Pop Art Collection.

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The Captain

Tariq Darwish is the rising fashion designer, pursuing his passion for fashion, which has always been part of his DNA. He is now pursuing a lifetime entrepreneurial tactical vision of designing and developing his very own brand of luxury swim wear. Having worked with LVMH, Richmond, LGI groups along with Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo &  Salvatore Ferragamo, to name a few. These fashion houses have taught him a great deal, combined with his natural talent and passion for fashion, he has come to the realization of starting his own brand of clothing that tells his story, reflects his source of inspiration, along with everything he's learned throughout the years.



Unbeatable quality, reinforced by double seams to prolong the life of the shorts for far beyond the vacation. All elements of our Swimwear sourced in Europe.

The Stamp
of Trust

The Sttarwish emblem embodies that seal of trust to all its customers enforced by trusted European workmanship and standards.



Our intention is to offer the best quality, most flattering inspirational apparel redefining the old school looks and offer everyone a way to move into the future and beyond when it comes to casual wear in the most simplistic ways.

Come join us on this journey to the moon and back!